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The first Megaman game ever released. There are a lot of differences with the others. There are only 6 Robot Masters, and there is no password system. There is also a score counter, and you cannot get any Energy Tanks. Also, there is no "Get weapon" screen. Still, this is one of the best Megaman games, but it might be difficult.
DIFFERENCES: The Japanese version has a different title screen, and Megaman's name is different in the ending sequence. There are no other differences between the two.

Megaman 2(NES)

The second in the series, and the first one to use a password system. There are 8 Robot Masters this time, all built by Dr. Wily, and you can get 3 powerup items. This game also has Energy Tanks, a "Get weapon" screen, and a picture of Skull Castle, Dr. Wily's residence. It's not very difficult compared to Megaman 1, but still not easy to complete.
DIFFERENCES: The Japanese version doesn't have a difficulty selection, and all the texts are in Japanese. There are no other differences between the two versions, even the passwords are the same.

Megaman 3(NES)

The third Megaman game, and very different from the previous two. Megaman has goten a new move, the slide, and has also gotten the robotic dog Rush, who can transform into a submarine, a jet, and a springboard. After you defeat the first 8 Robot Masters, you have to defeat the 8 Robot Masters of Megaman 2, but this time, in only 4 stages(2 per stage), and you don't get their weapons. This is also the Megaman game with the most errors, when you use certain key combinations on the second controller, you can jump very high and get other weird effects. A new character is introduced in this game too, his name is Protoman(in the Japanese version he's called Blues), who is Megaman's brother.
DIFFERENCES: Again, the text is in Japanese in the Japanese version. The title screen is also very different, and on the stage select screen, there is another logo in the background.

Megaman 4(NES)

The fourth in the series, and it has some improvements. The intro tells the story of Megaman's creation, and also shows some pics of him without his armor. In this game the boss is changed from Dr. Wily to Dr. Cossack, a Russian scientist. Megaman's Plasma Cannon has also been upgraded to the Mega Buster, and he can now charge shots to become more powerful. Rush is still in the game, and there are two hidden weapons to find. The pause screen has also changed from a popup menu to a full screen, with each weapon's name.
DIFFERENCES: Not much, only the intro is in Japanese and the title screen is a tiny bit different.

Megaman 5(NES)

The fifth i the series, and the storyline has changed again! This time Protoman is the bad guy and has kidnapped Dr. Light. Again, 8 Robot Masters to defeat, but there is another new pal for Megaman. It's Beat, a bird that can defeat enemies by hitting them. To get him you must collect the 8 letters of the word "MEGAMAN5". Not a very hard game, but they changed the "Get weapon" screen a bit, and I don't like it.
DIFFERENCES: Again, bot much, except for the Japanese text and title screen. Only now you have to collect the word "ROCKMAN5".

Megaman 6(NES)

The sixt and last NES game. This time, the bad guy is "Mr. X"(Wily in a very bad disguise) who has taken control over the 8 finalists in a Robot Tournament. Megaman has to stop him again. There are some more changes in this game, some stages have alternate outes to the boss. If you take them, you can get a letter from the word "BEAT". Also, Rush can change into an armor for Megaman allowing him to fly or destry certain walls. The ending has a "To be continued" message, and this is the only time Wily doesn't escape at the end, but is put in jail.
DIFFERENCES: The intro music is different, and the title screen has a nice effect in the Japanese version. Other than that, the only difference is the use of Japanese text.

Megaman 7(SNES)

The SNES Megaman, and the sequel to Megaman 6. The intro tells the story of Wily leaving 4 Robot Masters in his lab, that come to rescue him after 6 months. There is an intro stage, and a new friend is introduced, Auto, who can manufacture items for you if you bring him bolts. There is also a new enemy robot, Bass and his dog Treble(In Japan they are called Forte and Gospel, don't ask me why). You can also collect upgrade items for Rush, find Beat hidden somewhere, and get Protoman's shield. This time you don't get a Rush upgrade when you defeat a certain Robot Master, but you have to find them in some stages. The boss system is different too. After defeating the first 4 bosses, you go to the Robot Museum(Where all older enemies are kept and a nice tune plays), and then you have to defeat 4 other Robot Masters. The graphics in this game are completely different, because it's the SNES, and it's not too easy.
DIFFERENCES: The Japanese text, the intro screen. Nothing more.

Rockman & Forte(SNES)

The last game in the original series, part 9. Part 8 was on the PSX, and this game was only released in Japan. This game has a new Robot Master selection type, and you can choose your player. Because this time the enemy is a robot called King who threw Wily out of his castle, Bass joins the fun as playable character(Noone kicks Dr. Wily out his castle besides Megaman, so Bass is out for revenge on King) They both have different moves. Megaman uses his traditional moves system, while Bass cannot slide, but dash(Like Megaman X) and has an auto fire system which cannot fire through walls. He also has a Double Jump, and collects some other weapons. At the start you can only choose between 3 bosses, but when you defeat one of them a path opens up to another one. You also have to collect the 100 CD's for Dr. Light's Robot Database. The graphics are similar to those used in the PSX game Megaman 8.
DIFFERENCES: There aren't any, besides the English text instead of the Japanese. And the Database is not translated.

Megaman X(SNES)

The first SNES Megaman game! The X in the title does not stand for "10" but for X. The game is completely different from the others, and has Megaman X as the hero instead of Megaman. It also takes place 30 years after the other series, in a future where there is a new type of robots, called Reploids. They can feel, think and have emotions just like humans. X is the first one of this breed of new robots(But he's not a reploid, since the others are all based on him), and was created by Dr. Light 30 years before. He was stored inside a capsule for these 30 years, testing his circuits because of the risk involved with creating a human-like robot. He is discovered by Dr. Cain, and Dr. Cain starts to build reploids. The only difference between them is that they aren't stored in capsules, but are released immediately. Everything goes wrong when a group of Reploids decides they are superior to humans, and all humans must be wiped out in order for them to survive. Because of this a group of Reploids is built to stop them, called the Maverick Hunters and lead by a Reploid called Sigma. But the Hunters become Mavericks as well, and X has to stop them. In this task he is assisted by Zero, another Reploid. This game has an upgrade system, meaning that in some stages you can find upgrades for X, allowing him to dash, break ceilings, get less damage and fire more powerful blasts. When you get the weapon upgrade, you can also charge the weapons you got from defeated enemies. You also start out with a short energy bar, but you can mmake it longer by collecting heart tanks. You can allso collect 4 Sub Tanks, that store excess energy you can use when you run out. The game is in a completely different style, and the music has changed type too. This is my favourite Megaman game, and I recommend it to everyone! You can even find a StreetFighter 2 move in this game, the Hadoken.
DIFFERENCES: The Japanese text and the intro screen again, and there's a different name in the Megaman X Specs list. The warning system has the Japanese text scrolling by, and is signed with "Dr. Right". Also, the Maverick names are slightly different

Megaman X2(SNES)

The second in the X series. 6 months after the first Maverick Uprising, there are signs of maverick activity again.There are 8 new bosses, some other powerups, 3 new enemies calling themselves the X-Hunters, who have stolen Zero's parts to revive him as a Maverick(The storyline depends on you beating them or not) and a different storyline. The new armor upgrades include an Air Dash, a helmet upgrade that can find hidden items or important things, a Buster capable of firing two charged shots in a row, and the Giga Crush, which can destroy most weaker enemies in one hit, but has to be charged by getting hit. This game runs with the latest versions of ZSNES. You can find the Dragon Punch from StreetFighter 2 in this game.
DIFFERENCES: The text and the Maverick names are the only known differences.

Megaman X3(SNES)

The third in the X series, and this one can be run with the latest versions of ZSNES. This game has again 8 new bosses, and 4 new upgrades. Also, X can get software upgrades besides his armor upgrades, allowing him to get better attack power, defense, Double Air Dash or energy usage. The armor upgrades include an Air Dash system, making it possible to dash in the air, an upgraded X-Buster, making it possible to charge 2 blasts and fire them separately, but when they are fired right they become one powerful blast, an Armor, giving a shield when hit, and a Sensor helmet, giving X the ability to scan the area for powerups. In this game you can also play short bits as Zero, by calling him. But when Zero dies, you can never select him again. There is a Robot Armor system too, giving you the chance to select a certain type of Mech, each with different powers.
DIFFERENCES: The text and the title screen(of course), but also the Maverick names are different.

Megaman the Wily Wars(Genesis)

Never released in the US, except on the Sega Channel. This game consists of the first 3 NES Megaman games, with upgraded graphics and a save system. However, this save system doesn't work with the current Genesis emulators, probably due to bad ROM dumps(Or Capcom's famous copy protection system). There is also a new stage added, with 3 new Robot Masters, only available after you beat the three others and have a save game(Which is impossible). The storyline is the same as in the original games, and because of the different sound engine, the sound is different. The only problem is that they made Protoman too small. But otherwise this is a great game, without a password system.
 * Notice: Select DMA fix in Genecyst to fix the dot problem. And after you defeat a boss, he is supposed to be darkened, but this doesn't happen when you're using Genecyst. So remember which ones you beat.
DIFFERENCES: The Japanese version has Japanese text, and the title is different(Maybe because Megaman Megaworld sounded lame). In the European version, they haven't changed the title screens, only the word "Rock" is replaced with "Mega".


The Gameboy Megaman game, and a pretty decent one too. You have to defeat only four of the NES Megaman's bosses, and the stages and music are different. This game is pretty esasy, but gets tougher later on. After you defeat the first 4 bosses, you have to go through Wily's castle, and defeat 4 other bosses from Megaman 2. Then you get a special boss, only to be found in this game, and you can continue to Wily's final stage. No energy tanks in this one, but a nice "Get weapon" screen.
DIFFERENCES: The title is the only difference.

Megaman 2(GB)

The second Megaman Gameboy game. This time you have to defeat the 4 MM2 bosses that weren't in MM1. After you defeat them, you go to Wily's caslte and have to go through 4 other stages with bosses from MM3. Then you have to defeat a new enemy called Quint and get his never-used weapon. In this game, Megaman has the slide move and Rush, and can have 4 energy tanks. Energy tanks are also stored in the password system. The music in this game is completely different from its NES counterparts, but when you get used to it it sounds pretty good.
DIFFERENCES: Only the title.

Megaman 3(GB)

The third Megaman game, and this one has the original tunes. Now you have to battle the 4 remaining MM3 bosses and 4 MM4 bosses. After that, you have to defeat a new enemy(again) called Punk, who gives you a nice little weapon. Megaman can now charge his Mega Buster, but not his weapons.
DIFFERENCES: Yet again, the title.

Megaman 4(GB)

The fourth Megaman game, with an intro movie this time. Megaman's Mega Buster now blasts you back a little, so be careful when firing a charged blast. The remaining 4 bosses from MM4 await you, and 4 bosses of MM5 as well. Each stage now contains a letter, which you need to get to the last stage. The new boss this time is Ballade, and he has a bit of a story attached to him. The songs are mostly original, but the selection screen has changed nicely. Now you can see a preview of the stage you are about to enter. There is also a powerup system based on "P-chips" you can collect from enemies, and you can trade them for items.
DIFFERENCES: Text and title, nothing more.

Megaman 5(SGB)

The fifth Megaman game, but this time it's completely different. There are 9 new bosses, each of them named after a planet in our solar system. The music is also new, and the stages are too, of course. You meet up with some old friends in the final stage, and Megaman has a new weapon, the Power Arm. When he charges it, he can shoot off his arm as a misssile that returns. Again, there is a bit of a story attached to the final boss, and you have to collect several items. A new help, a cat called Tango is introduced and the "P-Chip" system remains.
DIFFERENCES: Text and title again.

Megaman Xtreme(GBC)

The most recent Gameboy Megaman game. Like the other Gameboy Megaman games, it features bosses from games already released, in this case from Megaman X and X2(Four from both). In this game, somebody has hacked the central computer system and X must go in and stop them, but the core is guarded by bosses from the past. Like all other X games, it features upgrades for X(They're mostly similar to the ones in X1, except for the boots upgrade), and some other neat stuff(Such as Zero). And if you beat the game in normal mode, you'll find out there's more challenges waiting for you(The Hard mode and the Extreme mode). This game also has some rather fun bits, because the translation is a bit weird(For those of you familiar with the NeoGeo scene, it's almost in SNK-glish)
DIFFERENCES: Text and title only, I haven't found any others yet.

Megaman Battle Network(GBA)

Nintendo's latest handheld gets Megaman too, but a brand new Megaman. This game takes place in 200X, BEFORE the original NES games(The US manual states 20XX, but the Japanese version doesn't. Capcom USA screwed up there), and the main character's name is Netto Hikari, this translates to "Net Light" (In the Japanese version, for the US version it's translated it to Lan).
In this game the evil WWW is trying to take over the world through PET's people have. A PET is a PErsonal Terminal, and normally carries a program that can be used to perform tasks. This program is usually the alter-ego of the owner. The main character(Lan) has his own PET, with Megaman.EXE as program. The player controls both characters during the game.

It's not like any other Megaman at all, since battles take place in cyberspace in a sort of turn-based RPG system. Enemies have hitpoints, and you have weapon upgrades to get stronger, as well as battle chips which you can use to perform special attacks. Don't worry about the controls, these are explained in a tutorial you get early on in the game.
DIFFERENCES: Text and title, and some minor tweaks to how some attacks look.
WARNING: The US ROM of this game could have saving problems with the listed emulator. It has happened that a savegame got deleted because of this. The only known "cure" for this problem is to exit right after saving. Don't worry, this only happens with the current version of the emulator and will hopefully be fixed in the next release.

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